• What is the Project?

    Rare is the ten-year-old whose biggest dream in life is to direct a theatrical production. Get to know JJ House, though, and it is easy to see why such an uncommon desire perfectly suits this unique boy. His zeal for life twinkles in his dark eyes. His passion for theatre radiates through his bright smile during a live show - whether in the audience or on stage. Read More
  • How I Became A Pirate

    We are excited to produce "How I Became A Pirate". The show will feature an all-adult cast of pirates and one 11 year old as Jeremy Jacob. Read More
  • About the Documentary

    The JJ Project documentary will be produced to show everyone how dreams can become reality. But we need your help! Read More
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Director's Note

When I started sharing this story with some of my filmmaking friends and colleagues, they all began taking an interest in JJ. Before you knew it, we had people all over the United States who wanted to be a part of this project. I assume that our production team will significantly grow after The JJ Project gains even more momentum. JJ’s story is important to everyone because his is a story of courage, conviction, and tenacity.

About the Project